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Hey :) I was curious as to where you found your sugar daddy? If you don't mind me asking!

Hello! My first one ever was accidental, and thus normally I stick to freestlying, but this one actually found me on SA.

I’m going to meet a POT on Tuesday who wants to meet once a week but has also agreed to a 1K weekly allowance. Let’s hope this one works out.






I will never date, fuck, or kiss a man who thinks my eyes are brown.

My eyes are fucking green, with a mix of gold and amber. And the only reason a man would think they are brown is because he’s not paying attention. He’s not looking into my eyes or noticing the little…

My eyes are a green/hazel combo, it’s actively irritating to hear them referred to as brown. Yes, they read as more on the brown side when the light is dim. Look at me in the sunlight: I am a firey-haired, bright-eyed goddess.

I have red hair, too, but I prefer the hazel/green-eyed look you have in combination with red hair! It’s rare and striking. I’d like for my eyes to be greener, but oh well

I like to think of myself as a “commercialized” redhead, haha. My hair is towards the auburn side and while I have pale skin I don’t have freckles, so I still read E. Euro enough for the fashion industry.

Ooooo! You’re even rarer without the freckles. Lucky you! I have a billion freckles on my face but few on my body bc it’s winter most of the time here and they seem to fade away. I wish I were a Rupert Grint brand of ginger. His skin is freckle- and blemish-free. We won’t hold his blue eyes against him. ;)

Ginger with green eyes here! Also no freckles, save for a spattering on shoulders and knees.

Wardrobe Staples



Below are some staples that I believe every lady, especially one who is sugaring, should have in their closet. (or have their SD purchase these items ) Any designer or high quality brand can be substituted for those I list below; these are just my personal favorites.


Can take you from casual…

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOP there it is. Meeting POT next week - can I handle juggling three SD’s? Time to find out…

If any SB ever feels like they can’t tell a friend where they are, feel free to message me with your information or something for safety so SOMEONE knows.. Your secrets are safe with me, and REBLOG if you also are willing to be a confidant for someone who doesn’t have one.

I will reblog this until the day I fucking die.

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I think I’ve found a nice POT. He is one that insists on taking care of my bills and allowances, plus activity and shopping. :)

I think I’ll call him Juan for now…probably to be changed.

Are there any SB’s or escorts out there in the Tampa/Orlando area or Florida in general? You can like this status or message me privately, for privacy

I’m in a room with two people eating normally and appreciating every bite of it and all I can think about is how I’m going to force myself to not let anything pass my lips for the next twenty-four hours.